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Sleep In A Quality Bed In One Of Liverpools Hotels

A hard day out rambling leads to the need for a good night’s rest. There’s nothing worse than retiring to an uncomfortable mattress–an old moth eaten one is disgusting and you’d never want to sleep on it.

Many of these can either allow you to create your own workout, or come with pre-installed workout routines of their own. Some, like Zombie Run, are meant to help you have fun while working out, while others like DailyBurn are meant to track your progress and input your fitness goals and achievements.

Combining entertainment and workouts work to motivate people into physical activity, and video games do not have to remain a stagnant activity, as evidence by the WiiFit. Games that promote exercise are useful tools for those who prefer to stay inside or away from others, and especially can help to bridge the gap between inactivity and regular workouts in those who regularly spend hours playing video games.

While cell phone usage is at an all-time high globally, more people than ever are aware of its dangers. The radiation emitted by cell phones has a thermal heating effect on the ears and the brain.

The internal ear is more susceptible to the heating effect as it is composed mainly of fluid-filled structures. Negative effects of exposure to cell phone radiation include irreversible brain damage, disturbed sleep cycle, hearing impairment, corneal damage, etc.

The issue with conventional wired headsets is that they comprise a wire that serves as an antenna. The metal in it acts as a conductor for radiation emitted by your cell phone allowing it to travel to your head through the wire.

In fact, research shows that this can cause radiation to travel directly through your ear canal increasing your exposure by almost 300 percent. Also, while using a wired headset, it is common to attach the phone to one’s belt or purse. This increases radiation exposure for organs like kidneys, liver and the reproductive system.

Placing the cell phone near our heads is still comparatively less damaging since the brain is protected by the skull. However, in the case of the above-mentioned organs there is no bone protection which means that radiation absorption is higher in the case of these organs.

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